Cheap Hotel Deals In Ireland

Another Staycation

With the summer fast approaching alot of people turn there attention to a must needed holiday.

As Covid 19 is still with us it’s looking likely its another staycation for many people this year. Last summer seen and influx in hotel bookings in Ireland with that sadly some of which hotels upped there prices.

To help people out this summer we have researched the Internet and stumbled across this amazing Irish website for comparing hotel deals in Ireland.

Cheap Hotel Deals

The website is called Hotels which basically is a hotel and flight comparison price website and app. Once you type in your hotel the website or app will compare hundreds of cheap prices for that particular hotel saving you up to 80 % when booking through there website. The website will also search any hotel or cheap flights in the world which is pretty cool. There blog section has information on lots of things to do in Ireland .


You can also find a list of some of the best or cheapest hotels in Ireland to suit any budget for each individual. There is also a section on the website if you where interested in renting a car for your staycation which will also find you the cheapest prices.

We hope that this might help when your planning your staycation in Ireland this year. If you wish to visit there website the link will be just below.


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